Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm counting down the days until classes start! Is it weird that I'm excited to start but even more excited to be finished? I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing, but I know that I need to be content and fully present. I don't want to be so forward focused that I miss out on what's going on right now.

One thing that I am fully aware of right now is the fact that I am searching online for shoes that I don't want to buy. I need chef shoes for school, and to be completely honest and vain.... they are all ugly. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but I have always been very against the horrid design of crocs. They are ugly and I hate them. I think little babies are the only people who should wear them, and only because all tiny baby shoes are cute. Am I right? Well, as always my words have come back to haunt me. For the past 45 minutes I have been looking through websites for shoes, and have discovered that crocs are the most affordable kitchen clogs I am going to find. I feel tempted to buy the $75 dollar birkis just so I don't have to buy crocs, but that's just my pride talking. I hate that I am forced to succumb to this fashion nitemare! Not that I'm incredibly fashionable to begin with, but that is beside the point. To make things worse I don't want to order them (just in case they don't come in time), so I will probably have to trek down to the crocs store in the outlet mall. I might throw up when I walk in.

On a more exciting note.... I need notebooks and such for class, so I got to go shopping for school supplies! I know it's strange, but I LOVE shopping for school supplies! I can't explain why. I've always been a quirky one. Sadly, I didn't really need too much; I bought a notebook and some yellow notepads. My school supply shopping spree only cost me $3. When I was in college I brought my laptop to class, but I think that may appear strange, so I've opted for good old pen and paper. I'll probably go home and type my notes up because I'm OCD like that, but I can't help that I like to be organized! I'm just rambling now, and procrastinating going to buy crocs. Blah. I guess I'm off to buy shoes.


Paige said...

I might disown you if you buy and actually wear crocs...just saying!

Haley said...

I can't help it!!