Thursday, November 6, 2008

This past week we have been "studying" nutrition and baking science. I say "studying" because that basically means we flipped through the book for 30 minutes and then hurriedly moved on to punching bread and rolling dough. The biggest nutritional highlight of the week happened today when Carly, from Whole Foods came to talk to us. From her lecture I concluded that I'm really not that healthy of an eater. Rarely do I have time to eat at all and when I do its usually some sort of mexican food or a random assortment of foods that I've pulled from my mostly empty refrigerator.

To remedy this problem I have decided to set up a meeting with Carly and get my diet on track. The bakeshop has pretty much doomed me, but I am determined to discipline myself to becoming a more healthy and holistic eater. I don't really have a desire to lose weight (even though shedding a few pounds never hurts), I simply want to begin making better choices so I can have a more balanced lifestyle. Since I've started school things just haven't slowed down. I barely get enough sleep, and any sort of exercise regimen has gone completely out the window. I can pretty much guarantee that every winter I will get sick, and in my current state any sort of illness would probably be the death of me.

Whole Foods has this way of robbing me every time I go in there. I find a billion little things that I think I need, and walk out with a handful of ingredients and nothing to eat. My goal is not to become a Whole Foods junkie, but I definitely know that I will be spending more time shopping there than anywhere else. I'm actually pretty excited to meet with Carly and see what kind of recommendations she has and how she can help. We'll see how this all turns out!

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Jessie said...

I seem to end up with nothing to really eat either after shopping at the Organic Market. Weird how it happens, because it looks like so much stuff.