Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas to all.....

(yeah, I need to work on my piping skills and handwriting, though I don't think my penmanship is going to get any better since it has sucked my whole life)

I'm ready for Christmas now. Right now! We wrapped up classes yesterday by having a fun cookies exchange and potluck lunch. We made a ton of cookies (less holiday baking to do now!) and everyone brought an interesting assortment of foods for our lunch.... wings, fried pickles, queso, guacamole, samosas, chutney, and a cream cheese spread. A well rounded lunch if you ask me.

Now that my Christmas break from school has begun I am aching to go home! I've got a few things to attend to here first though. Fun things, but still.... Tonight is our city group's ugly Christmas sweater party, and I am way excited! I've been looking at some other sweater party pics on facebook, and some people just don't know how to give it their all. It's not just about the sweater, it's about the accessories and the attitude that you wear the sweater with. I'm not very good at taking pics at events, mostly because my camera is around 6 years old and takes crappy pics (I'm sure you've noticed), but I'll do my best to get some pics up. I may just swipe them from someone's facebook album.

Tomorrow morning I am helping with a cookies decorating class at the school then loading up the car and heading home! Finally! My boss is graciously allowing me to work from home over the holidays, so I'm pretty excited to get to stay a while :)

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