Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sweet Bread Anyone?

So, every now and then at school the culinary class invites our pastry class to sample some of the dishes that they have made that day. I always love it when they do because I am usually starving since I haven't eaten anything since 6:45 that morning on the way to school. Earlier this week I was relieved to take a break from working on my wedding cake, and sample a bit of their culinary delight. Mmmm... a little rice, Caesar salad, beef cooked some delicious way, and some kind of soup...looked like mushroom and I love mushroom soup so I took quite a bit. After a refreshing lunch break I was back to work on the cake cutting out little buttons and piping the border. A while later the other class' chef came in to see the progress of our cakes and see if we liked their lunch. We all agreed that it was very enjoyable, and then he asked if anyone tried the "mushroom" soup. I'm not sure if I was the only person who ate it, or if I was just the only person to say anything, but I courageously spoke up and said I thought it was great. A sly smile crossed his face as he announced to me that those were not mushrooms. Here is how the rest of our conversation went:

Me- "What?! They tasted just like mushrooms!"
Chef- "Have you ever heard of sweet bread?" (muhaha!!!...evil laugh)
Me- "No." (a sick look creeping up on my face)
Chef- "It is the thymus gland in the neck of a cow."
Me- "........" (blank stare as I contemplate being sick.)
Chef- laughing a little too much
Me- "Uh, oh well.... it was still good." (I shrug and start working on my cake again. At least I can say I've eaten something disgustingly strange and interesting now.)

Here are a few pics of the first wedding cake I've done. I could begin an overly critical rant right now, but I'm just going to let it go and enjoy the cute little buttons all over the cake. I really liked this design, and I can't wait to try it out again.

Leaning tower of cakes


Jen and Andrew reminiscing...


Jessie said...

The buttons are insane. How the hell do you do that without snapping and killing everyone in the room? I would.

Sophie said...

Holy cow! I would've been sick! :P

Yeah, those buttons look so real, awesome job on the cake!

Julie said...

I don't know jack about wedding cake design, but I love it!