Monday, May 25, 2009

Learning Is Always Fun: Field Trip #1

During this period of "down time" I have summoned my family and friends to accompany me (and drive me) on field trips. I have compiled quite a list, and this past Saturday we crossed off field trip #1. I think it is always important to learn about where you live, so we set off to explore Washington on the Brazos State Park.

One mean rooster

Pig love!

I even found a coon hat!

Nathan navigated us down the Brazos River

Old Baylor ruins

I'm going to have a wall like this one day...

Graves of pottery past...RIP

Goodbye now!....until the next field trip

1 comment:

Sophie said...

How fun! I love doing this stuff, we just went to a farm near Austin this weekend (we're back in TX for the summer) and I saw the biggest pig ever lol! She was huge. Great pics, I'll have to go visit this place not :).