Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Favorites!

There are certain things about summer that transport me back to childhood instantly: pina colada sno cones, popsicles, slip-n-slides, blueberries, watermelon, fire flies, sprinklers, the smell of sunscreen....

A few weekends ago we had some of my favorite little friends over. After an exhausting game of Cooties, we were left scrambling for ideas of how to entertain these two overzealous and quite ADD little monsters... I mean angels. After a quick trip to the store we came back armed with water guns, swim suits, popsicles, and a tarp ready to be turned into one slick slip-n-slide! After all, summer really hasn't begun until the slip-n-slide is up! There is nothing more entertaining than watching kids play outside. The boys had never played on a slip-n-slide before, so it was a lot of fun trying to teach them how to throw yourself down a slick, wet tarp. After a few tries they almost got the hang of it, but preferred to splash around in the hot tub/mini swimming pool, or chase the Thumper Rabbit around the cage shooting her with the water guns instead. I think they had a lot of fun, but one thing is for sure... kids wear the heck out of me!

What are some of your favorite summer things??

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