Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cupcake Palooza!

I used to think cupcakes were soooo cute and soooo creative. Do you want to know what I think of them now? AHHHHH!!!! I swear, if I see another cupcake I'm gonna throw it at someone! A few months ago I had this wonderful idea to do mini cupcakes for my sister's wedding cake...... 1,000 mini cupcakes later I wish someone would have slapped me. Let's take a look at the journey of a mini cupcake:

I will start icing them later today..... wish me luck.

Whenever I start working on a major project I begin by finding my musical motivation before anything else. Most of my major catering jobs so far can be traced through playlists on my ipod. This time I have found myself flipping between 2 playlists: Female Folk and Noise. Female Folk contains my usual lineup: Jolie Holland, Patty Griffin, Neko Case, Laura Marling, Dolly (of course!), Brandi Carlile, Missy Higgins, and a few others. I like to think we are all friends. These girls are my usuals, but every now and then I like to turn things up a bit and get a little sassy. A few years ago I would have blasted some type of rock band, but these days I like to take my dose of sass with a little class. I'm a big fan of the oldies, but I also like the more modern twists on those vintage tunes. Noise is a compilation of some ladies like Duffy, Amy Winehouse (not classy, I know, but brilliant voice none-the-less), Gin Wigmore, She and Him, and my most recent find, Noisettes. Whenever I need a second wind I just turn on these girls. Whoo.

I'll post again soon with pics of the final products (all 1,000 of them).

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