Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crazy Time

So things have been a little crazy around The Muffin Top. #1: I am beginning to demonstrate the true meaning of "the muffin top" since I haven't worked out in almost 2 months due to sleep deprivation, lack of funds for another bootcamp session, lack of motivation for P90X, and physical limitations. Two weeks ago I went for a run in the park and Monday I did the first workout from the P90X dvds that I got in the mail last week. Since then.... nada. I need a workout partner (hint, hint).

Uh, like it matters. I went to the doc over spring break and scheduled another surgery for my shoulder. I've been having problems with it ever since the wreck, so we are going to try taking the plate out to see if that fixes the issues. I think it will. I've wanted that stupid plate out since the day I got it. I can feel it sticking out of my collar bone, and I hate it... HATE it! I say all of this to get to my #2: Since I am having shoulder surgery in less than a week I have been on a baking rampage for the last two weeks. I have several jobs lined up through April and I don't want to cancel on anyone. I even bought a new freezer just for this. I don't think I've ever loved an appliance so much. I baked the last of the cakes tonight, and I've only got 2 batches of icing and a few decorations to complete. Sheesh...baking for an entire month is a killer!

#3: Last, but not least, it is the beginning of antique week here in tourist country. That's right, it is the Round Top antique show. I love this time of year! I missed it last year because someone hit me with a car the night before I was supposed to leave to go to the show and..... well, I wont go there tonight. Anyhow, this is the Mecca of antiques. If you are an avid collector or junkie (as I like to refer to the group that I belong to since I don't really dabble in the expensive stuff...old junk is more my style) then you need to be here! Every hotel/motel/b&b/barn/rv park is booked months in advance, but I've got a pretty comfy couch that I'll let you borrow for a decent price. I'll even guide you to where the good stuff is.

The photo above is of a cake that I did for a coworker's daughter's birthday this past weekend. It was my first time working with edible prints, and I really love how it turned out! This was a fun cake to do, especially since they were so open to me experimenting with some new techniques and just doing whatever I wanted with it. I love it when customers are so laid back... they are truly a blessing!


Paige said...

I got the hint, hint...I will be there in 35 days! Woo hoo! Tori might enjoy me being gone since I kicked her pregnant booty at the park yesterday ;)

I am quite excited about Round Top this will be nice not to be stuck in a hospital this time around! Dang cops...

Tori said...

nooooo Paige dont leave me. seriously she is hard core but i need that... hay get ready. love the cake pic super impressive.
now you need to post your amazing round top treasures and maybe even the winner of our picture contest. haha love you!