Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Inevitably Sweet

It was inevitable. Only a matter of time. I sit here typing to you with a fat lip and numb jaw, probably some drool running down my lip that I am unaware of and quite unconcerned with. As much as I would like to place my current state on an unruly cat fight or back alley brawl, I cannot (although, I would like to point out that I would have been victorious in either). No, no, the truth is my sweets have gotten the better of me.

I have just returned from having two cavities filled. Originally it was three, but once the doc started drilling and poking around he determined that there were only two cavities to knock out. I'm not at all ashamed. I avoid the dentist like the plague, and I believe there is something to be said for making such sacrifices for your profession. No pain, no gain, right? Who ever heard of a pastry chef that didn't enjoy sweets? Absurd.

You see, I've only graced the dental chair once in the past six years (three of those years I lived directly across the street from a dentist office; I even used their parking lot). It's not like I don't take care of my teeth; I brush well and rinse twice a day. I don't floss regularly though. For some reason I despise it. I flossed three times last week though to get ready to go to the dentist, like I could trick him into thinking I was an all-American flosser. But, who really flosses their teeth.... religiously? Do you?

I didn't eat lunch before I went to the dentist because I didn't want there to be food in my teeth when I arrived. Afterwards I felt a little hungry, but knew I wouldn't be able to eat anything since I couldn't even locate my mouth. Around 5:00 I was starving, but still no feeling. I decided to take a nap thinking that maybe Novocaine is like a bad hangover.... sleep it off (Confession: I don't even drink and I'm full of b.s.) Around 9:00 I decided to try eating some eggs and a gooey biscuit. Most of the feeling was back in the top portion of my mouth, but I still couldn't feel my lower jaw. Maybe some of the bibs I already bought for my niece/nephew would come in handy right now. I finally figured out the maneuver: tilt the head back to catch the food coming in, then tilt slightly to the right so that the food falls to the good side of my mouth, and chew slowly and lightly. It's a science. I probably wont be going back to the dentist for another six years.

Oh, and these are some photos of some really delicious espresso shortbread cookies I made last week. Definitely a keeper recipe for the future. For those of you who are on Spring Break: hope you are enjoying your break, and for those of you who are not: God bless you.


Miss Meat and Potatoes said...

Oh you poor thing! I LOATHE the dentist and am six months behind myself... Plus when I moved to NY I went to a shady one who insisted I had more cavities every time I visited when I hadn't had a single one in the previous six years... Shady.

Tori said...

no fun sorry sis!!! those cookies look amazing! love ya! :)

Paige said...

I would love to be the sympathic sister but I'm not going to lie...I laughed the whole time I read this and I needed a good laugh today. So, thanks for making me feel better at the expense of your million dollar mouth!!

Haley said...

piage- it's true, my mouth is worth some serious $$$.

alisa- i just say stay away... those dentists are a little too drill happy, and greedy i might add. my cavities cost me a few hundred cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

sry miss g....hope u feel better!! c u monday

---alex n.

Sophie said...

I have too many sweet teeth. I refer to my "cavity teeth" as my "sweet teeth" haha. These cookies are so pretty!