Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Muffin Stops: **Style Me Pretty**

Remember a long time ago when I started Monday Muffin Stops? Well, I know I haven't been too successful in keeping it up.... ok, I've failed miserably, but today I am attempting to redeem myself. This does not mean that Monday Muffin Stops are to be relied upon as a weekly opening staple, but here's to trying! (notice that I am posting this just moments before midnight, so I am barely qualifying to a Monday post as it is!)


Like I've mentioned before, I love looking at bridal blogs and websites! It began as a search for inspiration for new cake designs, increased when we were planning my sister's wedding, and is now a fully fledged obsession. I'm sure my infatuation with baby blogs will soon follow. I love party planning vicariously through others. Style Me Pretty is beautiful, creative, innovative, stylish, inspirational..... I could go on and on. I L-O-V-E this blog. Most of the photos have this vintage flair to them which I love, and the creative juices that leak off this site are almost palpable. I promise you will be inspired by this site, if not...... well, frankly, you have bad taste. Enjoy!

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