Thursday, August 12, 2010

Teacher's Pet

The message you are about to read may not be suitable for children. You may want to pull them away from the computer screen before we go any further..........

Are they away yet?


School starts in 10 days. Ahhh!

For people like me who don't have to worry about the start of school anymore this time of year is no big deal. I actually enjoy walking up and down the school supply aisles at the store picking out all of the things that I would buy if I were going back to school again. I just love school supplies..... all this talk makes me want to go buy a new pack of pencils and a few composition notebooks. I actually did buy myself a new backpack. Ha! I'm sure I'll use it on a future trip soon. It's very cool. It's from Urban Outfitters. If I were going back to school again I would wear it with pride.....even though I hear that the "cool kids" don't even wear backpacks anymore, but what do they know? Psshh.

Anyhow, back to the start of school. The first day of school is all about first impressions. Why else do all girls spend hours combing the malls to find the perfect first day of school outfit?? (Sorry to those of you who have to wear uniforms..... no fun.) Those cool shoes or that trendy top may impress their fellow peers, but what about the teachers? How do you leave a good impression on the teachers?

As a teacher in the past (all one year of it) I can tell you exactly how to make those teachers swoon over your precious student: Cake..... Cookies......CHOCOLATE. What do you want to be on your child's teacher's lips while they are grading that first essay? The salty/sweet flavor of a Sea Salt and Chocolate Chip cookie, or the bitter taste of exhaustion and resentment over the fact that someone swiped their lunch again from the microwave while they were taking YOUR kid's discipline referral down to the office???????

So, how did you want to start this year off again? With back to school teacher gifts from The Muffin Top? That's what I thought.

How about one of those yummy Sea Salt and Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Give your teacher a burst of energy and wake up her taste buds with an Espresso Shortbread Cookie

Replace that teacher's dirty looks with a personalized portion of Dirt Cake

Give your teacher one more reminder of those summer nights with a S'more Cupcake

Allow your child's face to pop into their teachers' minds with a smile with a delicious Cake Pop!


Paige said...

Very cute! If I had kids--which I don't, I would definitely get something from the Muffin Top. Although, I'm not too sure if it would actually make it to school with them ;)

The way you described your love for school supplies was understated in this is ridiculous how excited you get!

Medlock Adventures! said...

I wish I was still a teacher so that I could get some of those goodies! How Fun!