Monday, September 6, 2010


Remember that time I was telling you guys about how I was redecorating some of the apt, creating an office, and finishing out my kitchen??? I know that it was a while ago, but the day has come........

For the past year, a good section of the living/dining area of the apartment has been occupied by my desk and a bookshelf that did not even come close to holding all of the books that I have.....thus there were books stacked on the floor, piled and crammed on the shelves, and hidden in some of the kitchen cabinets.

This is now my favorite room... I love it! Even though the bookshelves were a nightmare to put together. Ikea, I love/hate you.

Thanks for all of your help, Carlee!

This is my new office. Isn't is wonderful? Having an office makes me want to organize things.....sometimes. I'm still working on finding a place for all of my papers and officey things... I hid them from you in these pictures so that you couldn't see the growing stack of papers and receipts that I need to file. Don't judge me.... at least my kitchen is clean and organized!

Last but not least...... look what I just bought!!!

My very own commercial convection oven!! It feels just like Christmas, except I bought this little gift for myself! I've already baked quite a few things in it, and it is amazing how much more I get done and in half the time. LOVE it!!

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