Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CoupleCake Wars Results

I keep forgetting to update you all on the results of the CoupleCake Wars competition that we competed in the weekend before Valentine's.

The competition was a bit misleading...... focusing much more on the Valentines/love aspect than the cupcakes. Needless to say, we did not excel at the Newlywed-style game (only scored 2 out of 5). Since we bombed that game we had no chance of winning overall. Not to worry, we ended up tying for first in the cupcake competition, which was the only part that we (I) cared about. We had so much fun competing and truly appreciate all of our family and friends that came to support us!

(I think Luke wanted a cupcake)

Here are some links that talk about the competition. One of them doesn't mention us as winners of the cupcake challenge.....jerks (just kidding!....kind of). This photos are the same in each article but the text is different if you care to read through it.

(We made a pretty good team!)

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