Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not much to report on the culinary front. Just another long week of sanitation and history lessons. We did get to make biscuits and yeast rolls today. It felt really good to do something in the kitchen; although, it is kind of hard to be overly involved in the baking process when 8 people are working together to make one batch of biscuits.

Our ServeSafe exam is on Monday, so I need to spend the weekend studying. Most of the info is common sense, but there are a few chapters concerning specific food-borne illnesses cause by particular items and their effects. Also, memorizing temperatures can be a bit tricky since I have trained my brain to completely shut off whenever numbers are mentioned. The math aspect of baking will be a bit challenging to say the least. Yes, I know it's just simple math, but as I said before, my brain completely shuts off. For instance, when I go shopping with my sisters and we come to a store that is having a sale; if I pick up an item that is 35% off the marked price I kind of just verbalize the equation and wait for the answer. Here is an example of what this conversation may look like:

Me: "Oh, this is cute and it's on sale!"
Paige: "Yeah, I like that. Give me one in my size." (We buy all the same clothes)
Me: "The price says $39.99, so 35% off of that is...." (I make a face like I'm trying to figure out the price, but really I'm thinking about absolutely nothing, or I'm just wishing Paige would just hurry up and say the price so I can move on to the dress I just spotted that will look great when I dye my hair back to blonde)
Paige: "It's blah blah amount." (see, I'm not even going to try to figure it out now) Usually she just rolls her eyes because she knows the drill and we move on to the next item.

I don't know why I just went on about that. It really has absolutely nothing to do with culinary school. Hmm.... anyhow, next week we start baking! Whoo!


rhid said...

We're doing our servesafe next month (I think?) Did you guy's all have food handlers permits? We have those and the go for servesafe. Why so little baking?? It's crazy! Bake bake bake I say (and by the sounds of it you say)..

Haley said...

I agree! I signed up to go to school to bake! Right?!

We didn't start off with permits, so we have to do the servesafe first. We do safety, sanitation, history, and nutrition the first 2 weeks and then move into the bakeshop, so next week should be the start of much more exciting weeks!

Tara Farms said...

Will math become more important when you own your own bakery????

Haley said...

what do you think i'll hire paige for??

rhid said...

Yay! Baking next week finally! Looking forward to hearing about it!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely hilarious but this is so true! Oh and of course I will take care of all your money when you open your restaurant!


skfathauer14 said...

haha that is so funny cause i do the same thing.. why do math when i know my mom will whip it out in two seconds? I am so jealous of you being in culinary school by the way! hope you are having a blast!