Sunday, October 5, 2008

This post is for Paige. Happy Bithday!!!

I wasn't expecting to be able to see my family this past weekend; I thought I would be working. But, the opening day for the bakery got pushed back once again, so I was able to go! As excited as I am to start at the bakery I was more excited to be able to see my family, since I wont see them again until Thanksgiving. I know that may not seem like such a long time, but my family is really close, so it feels like eternity.

I love Fall. I love the weather, the clothes, the warm spices, but one of my favorite things about Fall is candy corn!! (I'm actually eating some as I type this) Now, everyone I know loves candy corn as well. Just the other weekend my mom and I made ourselves completely ill eating them. I guess I just thought that candy corn was one of those universal things that everyone loves. That is until I moved to Austin (ya bunch of hippie weirdos). I was talking about them at work the other day and everyone in the office looked at me like I was crazy. Then one of the ladies proceeded to look up the ingredients online and read out to me all of the nasty things that are in them. Thanks. Whatever, if people knew exactly what was in half of the things we ate..... never mind, that's a whole different post. Anyhow, in honor of my sister's birthday and our love for candy corn I made her these cookies!


Tara Farms said...

Only really fun people eat candy corn! Love the cookies and love you! It was great to see you this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't know what candy corns are?!? I think you should post the pic of you, Carlee & Julie eating them!