Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My fridge is not my own....

Welcome to the "Cribs" edition of The Muffin Top. Does that show still come on?? Anyhow, I had to snap a pic of my fridge to share with you because it is too sad, pathetic, and funny to keep to myself. To be honest, this is how my fridge looks 80% of the time...... it's usually just empty the other 20%. I am overrun by baking supplies and ingredients. Let me give you a tour of my fridge......

We have: cakes, cakes, and more cakes, butterscotch sauce, berry sauce, leftover chocolate icing, egg yolks (needing to use those soon, but don't know what for yet....hate wasting them), eggs, carrots and lemons (in the left drawer), cream cheese and butter galore (I think there is a combined total of 19 lbs. of cream cheese and butter right there).

Where is my food you ask? Good question. Let's play a game. Do you remember "Where's Waldo? " If you look closely you will find a lone green bottle of sparkling water and a drawer to the far right full of cheese, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, a box of salad greens, and half a grapefruit. That's it. Just 5 items. Let's just say I eat a lot of cereal and invite myself over to my parent's house to eat quite often. (Thanks, Mom!)

Well, I've exposed my fridge to the world, and now it's your turn. Open it up and show us what you've got! Leave a comment, so that we can all run over and take a peak. Don't be shy and don't clean it out first....where's the fun in that?!


Shari said...

Yeah, but your fridge is so clean!

Haley said...

my ocd issue is not your excuse! :)

Paige said...

haha This is great considering your fridge is my FAVORITE EVER to open! There is always something delicious for my sweet tooth!!

Oh & I stole some spicy/sugary pecans from your baking room too the other day---always can count on you! ;)

redmockingbird said...


Ok, I'll play..
Pretty basic stuff, sorry it's not more fun.
I've blacked out the left side because it's my roommates and not necessarily representative of 'my fridge.'
So, notable items:
-Velveeta cheese-Shannon makes me get this.
-Old marinara sauce-must throw away!
-2 kinds of hummus-HEB stopped carrying my favorite king so now i'm having trial and error hummus time.
-2 things of eggs-forgot i already had some. dang.
-oj-my favorite drink on the planet!
-Lazy Magnolia Nut Brown Ale-pretty amazing beer we discovered while in Mississippi..mmmm.
-Country crock tub being used for leftovers..not sure what the leftovers are though..

redmockingbird said...

Anonymous said...

Omg, I just threw out a container of yolks for the same reason! And I understand the butter shopping sprees, "under $2?! I better get 4 or 5". My fridge is a mix between yours, an old asian lady's (me), staples, and some uneated refried beans I saved from last night's Chuy's dinner for my mexican bf. I'm so good to him ;)

-Helen D.

Haley said...

Paige- theif! i knew that container looked a little low. i just made another 3# today, so come on over!

Matt- when you find a good hummus from heb let me know; i'm tired of trying different ones out and not eating them, too. and, i don't think your pics worked. bummer.

Helen- you make me laugh! you old asain lady :) hope things are going great with you!