Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We've Been Featured!

Well folks, The Muffin Top has been featured in print! A real LIVE article...... a Texas LIVE Magazine article to be exact. Does is matter that I am the one who wrote the piece? Does it matter that I chose to feature myself in my article over cake trends for the upcoming wedding season? Does it matter that my sister's wedding was one of the main featurettes of the mag? Does is matter that I got paid to shamelessly self-promote? Nope! All that matters is that it's in print and in the publics' hands! Go flip through the digital issue here or pick up a copy at Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, HEB or Borders and let me know what you think!!


Anonymous said...

clever as always! i need to get a copy. hows that book of yours coming? your writing is brilliant...and SO funny! i love it.

Sweet Life said...

See, Haley, I think you've located your niche. I love the article. Congratulations...Ms. Haley. "The new Martha Stewart".

Hall Family said...

Hey Haley,
Just so everyone knows, they can pick up a copy state-wide in any Barnes & Nobles, Books A Million, HEB or Borders Books, so they don't have to be in this area to get a copy. Great Job on the article.