Thursday, April 22, 2010


This past Tuesday we all gathered to find out whether Tori and Colin are having a boy or girl. We waited excitedly and impatiently for her to be called back, and as soon as her name was called our entire family jumped up and readily charged the ultrasound technician! It was agony just waiting an hour and a half to be called back, so I don't think we are going to hold things together well when it is time for the real deal.

When the tech announced that it was a BOY we didn't really know how to respond. I'm not sure if we were speechless because of the way he announced it ("Well, folks, the turtle is out of the're having a boy."), or because we were so shocked that it was actually a boy. Of course we were ecstatic, but we have never had a boy, so it was a bit like announcing we were expecting an alien. We are a family of all girls, so this is going to be an exciting adventure! September cannot come soon enough!

I know this isn't a photo of the baby's sex, but this is just the coolest ultrasound picture I have ever seen!

Paige has some really great photos on her blog of the entire event, so go check it out!

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Mom said...

You are right---Septmeber can't come soon enough!!!!!