Saturday, April 10, 2010

Round Top

Last weekend were the final days of the Spring antique show in Round Top. We only managed to make it out there one day, but believe me...we did plenty of damage in those few hours. I bought some great pieces, but will have to post pictures later when I move them out of the storage building. I am in the beginning stages of preparing to incorporate more of the square footage of this apartment to make room for a larger baking area and office. As soon as we start swinging hammers I'll post pics of the progress.

Anyhow, back to Round Top...... Every Spring and Fall when the antique shows roll around I get so excited. I know that I am going to be inspired by the creative stagings of the vendors, find some excellent pieces for my home or display pieces for catering, and of course, spend waaay more than I planned on. This show was no exception.

You can always count on an interesting find.... (yes, these are doll head lamps. Creepy, but kinda funny too!)

But the majority of the time, I leave the show feeling #1: exhausted #2: a little (or a lot) more poor than when I arrived #3: extremely inspired

If you have never come to one of the antique shows make plans to attend this fall! I promise you will fall in love!

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