Saturday, May 29, 2010

First Fruits

I am officially finished teaching! On Thursday I turned in my books and key, organized the shelves for next year, and left my lesson plans neatly filed in the appropriate cabinets. I can't believe the school-year is over, but it is already feeling like summer.

The first fruits of summer are already in bloom! I walked out my door today to find my first cherry tomatoes of the season ripened and ready to eat. I think my little plant is going to produce plenty.

The heat tends to make me crave fruit, so I made my favorite fruit salad: honeydew melon, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, mint and a splash of lime. My mouth is watering just typing that out; it is so good and refreshing! There is no real recipe for this dish, just throw everything into a bowl and add as much mint and lime as you prefer. Here is another fruit salad recipe from a post last April.... I still never got around to making it.

Being finished with school has made me feel so relaxed already, but things are about to pick up again in just a few days. I will be gone most of June on trips: braving it as a camp counselor for a week, and then two weeks in Israel. I cannot wait to be in Israel! I was there two years ago on a trip and fell in love. Apart from the whole problem of it being right in the center of world conflict I would move there in a heartbeat. Anyhow, there is a lot going on in these first few weeks of summer, so if I am MIA for a while don't worry. I will be back (working full time baking...whoo!) soon.

Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend everyone!!


Paige said...

Too bad everyone hated on your fruit salad...

Haley said...

too bad i don't really care what your husband thinks of my steak and potatoes doesn't count (or his two beefy amigos).