Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Steel Magnolia Wedding!!

So, I failed in posting pictures from my last wedding promptly. It has taken me almost two weeks to get around to putting these pics up. Better late than never, right?!

I really enjoyed working on this wedding. I was able to experiment with so many different methods that I have been dying to try for awhile. I was so thrilled with how the cake pops and cookie prints turned out! If you are looking for something unique or original that people will go crazy over at your next event try these out! People loved them!

This wedding was PINK! I just kept thinking of Steel Magnolias while designing this tablescape..... "it's not pink, it's blush and bashful..." I just love that movie! Here is a clip (at the bottom of the post) so that you can reminisce with me, and a few pictures from the wedding! Enjoy!


Miss Meat and Potatoes said...

I LOVE this post!! What a gorgeous cake. Long live pink!!

Haley said...

haha! thanks!

did you ever get the commenting to work on your blog again? i have tried to comment on so many of your recipes, but they never show up :(

skfathauer14 said...

Everything was perfect! Thanks for making our wedding food a success! WE LOVED IT!!!!!!! Abel thought it was so good be half way bit my finger off when we were feeding it to each other! haha ;)

Sarah Crosby ;)