Saturday, May 15, 2010

I've talked many times before about how much I love shopping on, and all of the wonderufl, creative things that you can find. I subscribe to "Etsy Finds" (the daily shopping guide), and am always inspired to take a peek at what all of these creative sellers have to offer. Today, when I opened my email and began looking through the day's featured items I came across something that just made me stop and laugh.

This seller has some mad origami skills, but they also have some mad prices. This $2 origami airplane is $15. Don't get me wrong, I could never fold paper like that, but $15 for a folded $2??!! Are you kidding me? I support the arts (I use that term loosely within the context of this post), but this just smells scammy. You can check out more of this seller's work here.

Here, we have a beautiful $2 butterfly listed for $15 as well.

This $1 bill is folded into an insanely cool camera.......but is $30. What?!

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