Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yet another amazing day at culinary school! We learned some more safety and sanitation stuff, played with our thermometers and bleach (but not together.... yes, I'm a huge dork), and then went on a short little field trip to a restaurant supply store. It was so fun! There are several baking supply stores around Austin that I have heard about, but have not discovered yet. I'm not sure when I'll have a chance to seek them out, maybe next weekend.... its not like it matters though; I can't afford to buy anything anyways.

Tomorrow we practice knife skills!! Whoo! If I don't post for a while it probably means I lost a finger or two in all of my excitement. Oh dear.

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rhid said...

Haha! We have knife skills too! The amount of people who cut themselves in that class is amazing. I do like it though. I figure I'm gonna need it when I go over to someone's place and try to impress them!
It's nice to meet another culinary school lady!
Nice to meet you, I'll keep coming back and reading about you're escapades. I'm curious how similar our schools are.