Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well, my first week of school has come and gone. If this week was any indication of how the next 6 months will go by I better prepare for a fast ride! I've only been out of school for 4 months, but already my study habits (if I ever really had any) have gone down the drain. Disciplining myself to read my book is going to be a challenge. Well, I guess I shouldn't say reading them will be hard, rather I should say that reading what I'm supposed to will be difficult. I've had no problem reading all of the delicious recipes and various baking gadgets. It's the baking history part that is harder to focus on. I like history, but I like recipes more.

This week is full of firsts. Tomorrow is my first day at the bakery as well. It's not officially opening until Wednesday, but they need some help finishing things up this weekend, so my time there this weekend is considered "volunteer" time. Oh well, I'm just excited to get into the place and meet the people I will be working with! Here is the link to the bakery site; its not much to look at but whatever. I'll give you guys a full report on Sunday or Monday! Until then.... happy baking!

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